Buy G-13 Strain . G 13 may be a sorcerous indica strain that incorporates a pungent smell profile of sweet, earth and skunk. Legend is the strain was stolen from a government research facility in Mississippi. research The smoke is a bit harsh, and tastes just as it smells. G13 offers a heat, relaxed body buzz with heaviness and tingling within the thighs, as well as a calm, clear headed, uplifted mood. This all-star strain relaxes the muscles and mind with a beautiful feeling of euphoria that will melt away pain, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It may also combat loss of appetite.  Buy G-13 Strain

G-13 Packs 22% THC and a Conspiracy Theory


Now I don’t pack orders with a tinfoil cap on, but I love me a good conspiracy.

G-13 will get you as high as you need to go, and that may be thanks to the Feds.

As the United States was work weed back within the 60’s, then began to cross strains themselves…making G-13

Medically, G-13 is a good strain to buy if you want to treat muscle spasms, or physical pain in general.

Indica  dominant hybrid, G-13 delivers a heavy punch for the body and mind with lowest couch-lock and come-down.

overall, a great night time strain. It will loosen your mood, even if you’re a Fed!

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