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Plant physiology

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The blossoms of Cannabis sativa are unisexual and plants are regularly either male or female. It is a short-day blooming plant, with staminate (male) plants typically taller and less strong than pistillate (female or male) plants.The flowers of the female plant are masterminded in racemes and can deliver many seeds.

Male plants shed their dust and kick the bucket a little while preceding seed aging on the female plants. Under regular conditions with a light time of 12 to 14 hours both genders are delivered in equivalent numbers in view of heritable X and Y chromosomes. Although hereditary elements arrange a plant to get male or female, natural components including the diurnal light cycle can modify sexual expression. Naturally occurring monoecious plants, with both male and female parts, are either sterile or ripe however falsely incited “bisexuals” can have completely utilitarian conceptive organs. “Feminized” seed sold by numerous business seed providers are gotten from falsely “hermaphrodytic” females that come up short on the male quality, or by treating the plants with hormones or silver thiosulfate.

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